My beloved Dad kept personal journals for many years. He died suddenly in 2008. They arrived from his old home in Canada, packed up in The Box, and I finally decided to read them. Because I can’t ignore them can I? Or throw them away?

The death of a loved parent is a life-changing experience, and it rocked my world. I was 42. But I slowly bounced back, wiser, softer, more determined to enjoy every meal as if it was my last, because one day it simply will be.

I planned for this Blog to support me in his journal-reading process, and feed into a book about losing your Dad. I aim to post once a month, give or take. It has since evolved into more of a notebook, into which I paste thoughts and experiences as well.

In the ‘real world’, I work as an Artist, performing puppetry for adults, doing roving theatre characters on the street or stilts, and also teach Pilates in a fabulous studio. I consider myself an emmerging writer, short stories for the moment, and I dance the 5Rhythms to feed my soul. I’m 48, with a teenage son week on week off, a cat named Yeti who comes when you call him, and more hilarious online dating tales than you can poke a stick at. But that’s another blog…

Welcome, love gabrielle πŸ™‚